It Is Just a Dental Cap!

Is it a turkey sandwich?

I am eating a turkey sandwich and something hard is in the right side of my mouth.  I think maybe it is a bone. I better spit it out of my mouth.

Is it a bone?

Well, it is not a bone. It is an old dental cap.  I call my dentist office, and they want me to com in the same day.  I am bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis.  I can’t just come in when I want.  The handicapped van, my aide, and my driver have to be ready.

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When will my dentist be available?

My dentist will be in the office on Monday, so Monday it is.  I make sure my aide is available on Monday.  I make sure the van is ready, and the battery is charged, and I make arrangements for a driver.  It is summertime, and this means I wait about a week.

Just another crazy Monday

Monday arrives and I get ready to go to the dentist.  I have my aide dress me.  I am patient lifted to my power wheelchair.  My driver is waiting. The van ramp works, and we are off to the dentist.  Thank heavens the air conditioning works in the van.

We arrived

We get to the dentist.  My driver leaves the dentist office.  I tell them in the dentist office that my cap came off.

Time to wait

I sign the usual dental insurance forms, and then I wait in the office.  Shortly thereafter I am called into the dentist’s room, and I wait for the dentist.  The dentist arrives and I tell him my cap fell out.  He looks at the cap and asks if I trIed to glue it back in my mouth. I told him I was eating a turkey sandwich when it came out.  I knew this was an old cap.

How Old Is The Cap?

I thought it might be ten years old.  The dentist checked my records and it was a six year old cap.  He cleaned the cap, and glued it back into my mouth.  This cap is from an upper back right side tooth.  It has nothing to do with the lower mouth bridge work that I recently had done.  I waited 20 minutes for the glue to dry and I was good to go.

Previous Bridge Work

I had previous bridge work done.  The bridge work on the right side hurt almost as much as a root canal.  However, since this was not a root canal, I figured it would eventually settle down, which is what happed.  The new bridge work hardly bothers me now, but it took a month to settle down.  This is the bridge work that needed two extractions.  The dentist put the bridge right over the open wound created by the second extraction.  This took a month to heal properly.

I am a Target affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Heading Home

I called my driver.  She came to the dentist office, and we headed home.

Afternoon Dental Visits

This dental visit occurred during the afternoon.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and by the afternoon on a hot summer day, I have Multiple Sclerosis fatigue and the heat is making me even more exhausted.  Even with air conditioning, I am tired.  I make it home, and I am patient lifted into bed, where I finally get to rest.  My next dental visit isn’t scheduled until, December of 2019.


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