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The Two Best Ways To Bank Big Money Online?

Entertain Or Educate

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But how do YOU make money from entertainment & education?

No offense, but I’m assuming you’re NOT a grammy-winning musician or famous celebrity.
And it’s unlikely you’re a world-renowned instructor with dozens of best-selling courses.
[I mean, you COULD be, but then what are you doing on this page?]
Point is, you don’t need to be either to bank with this method!

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 what entertainers & educators
have in common:
  • They make videos.
  • A LOT of videos.
  • And they put a lot of those videos on YouTube .. free to share. 
Meaning you can legally leverage OTHER
people’s stuff to profit …


Any of your own content

Authority, status or branding



Extremely Lazy Income Loophole Ahead

Yes … content, specifically VIDEO content, rules the web.uj
Video engages better … converts better … and is easy to monetize in many ways.
But it’s an absolute NIGHTMARE to create

Here’s what it takes to make even the simplest video:

  • Tedious research
  • Writing your script
  • Complicated video creation software
  • Learning how to USE the video creation software
  • ANOTHER video software that does things the 1
  • At least 2-3 recordings before you’re satisfied
  • Hours of editing
  • Uploading to your channel / websites / social platforms

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I am a Warrior Plus affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

It Gets Worse.

For maximum engagement, you’ll need to be on camera yourself …
Something the video software sellers don’t mention ‘cause it’s terrifying …
Or pay big bucks to a spokesperson.

Then, to make a dime from your videos, you need VIEWS.
Which means you need to build an audience, establish your brand, and create authority … something that can take MONTHS to YEARS.

Even if you get ALL this right …
Your videos simply CAN’T compete with the professionally-shot & designed videos made by celebrities and A-list educators:

TubeSiphon levels the playing field.  It’s the only software that lets you grow your list while generating
MULTIPLE income streams In ANY niche …

  • All-In-One list building, passive income & traffic solution works in ANY niche
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  • No content creation EVER => leverage premium content made by others, legally & ethically
  • Have FUN while making money! Customize your profit sites to entertain, educate or both
  • Fully automated => one-time setup for non-stop leads & commissions without any maintenance
  • Scaling INCLUDED – launch up to X DFY profit centers for multiple, diverse income streams

Free Traffic | 100% Beginner Friendly | Cloud-Based Software

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, JOIN ‘Em!

Forget content creation, ESPECIALLY making videos.
Just say NO to wasting your time building authority.
All the content & credibility you’ll EVER need are already online.

Just use this revolutionary app to effortlessly leverage ANYONE’S content & authorityfor your own personal gain … legally!

With your own DFY lead pages and monetized websites for 24/7 list-building and passive income in ANY niche!

The cost?

Short answer: WAY less than you’d think.
You’re getting the brand new TubeSiphon method, 2 page funnel/site builder, cloud-based software, FREE hosting and step-by-step training.
So you can launch multiple profit factories in any niche … For autopilot list building & multiple streams of passive income.
PLUS you benefit from our months of testing & development that  have made this a profit-generating REALITY for anyone.
If we sold this privately we’d charge at least $997 – great value even at that price, considering everything TubeSiphon brings to the table.
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