The other member of our family – Chuckie, our dog

Chuckie at sleep

What kind of dog is Chuckie?

Chuckie is a Shetland sheepdog.  He has been a member of our family for six years.  We have trained Chuckie to go outside.  By this I mean he does his business outside.  The truth is, we have not trained Chuckie to do much else.  He is largely self trained, which is he pretty much does whatever he wants.

Overweight dog

Chuckie was grossly overweight, however, we have tried to limit his food intake.  This has been a real challenge, because Chuckie is constantly looking for food.  If food drops on the floor, chuckie believes it belongs to him.

Can Chuckie move fast?

When it comes to food Chuckie is fast.  This is amazing because Chuckie has arthritis and even when someone takes him for a walk, he walks about the distance of three houses and then stops.  If you pull on his leash, he might go further, but most of the time he just stops.  But if food falls on the floor, Chucie is Johnnie on the spot immediately.

Great hearing, but not so good smelling

Chuckie’s hearing is uncanny.  He can hear food fall from the other side of the house.  I suppose this is good because he has almost no sense of smell.  In a fox hunt, the fox would win.  Chuckie is not a service dog .  Indeed, if Chuckie sees some food, he totally forgets the disabled person.  It’s time for Chuckie to chow down.

Is it the dog’s fault

This is not his fault because he was not trained to be a service dog to help a handicap person.  After substantial efforts to bring down Chuckie’s weight we have finally been successful.  We have tried changing Chuckie’s food.  But this did not work.

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We have tried exercises for the dog.  But with arthritis, Chuckie was not amenable to exercise.

Limit the food

We have tried to limit Chuckie’s food intake.  This has mostly worked.  Although, Chuckie is constantly trying to find more food.  The extra weight made it difficult for the dog to walk.

Lose the weight

He walks much better now that he is at a reasonable weight.  He has lost 10 pounds.  He has gone from 45 lbs. to 35 lbs.

Where does he sleep?

Chuckie does not have a dog bed.  We have tried many.  Chuckie largely ignored most of the dog beds.  He sleeps wherever he wants.  Right now he is sleeping next to my hospital bed.  Sometimes when my bed goes up and down, it wakes Chuckie.  Chuckie has a flea collar.  I don’t know whether Chuckie has a flea problem, but we keep the collar on him.

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24/7 relief

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Flea Away

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The power is in the odor

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What to do about a dog’s arthritis?

For Chuckie’s arthritis we use Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Chewables.  It provides complete joint health brand for dogs.  It has MSM, a naturally occuring, organic, sulfur-containing compound.  It is formulated from more than 10 years of clinical use and research.  It is ideal for dogs under 60 pounds.


These products have helped maintain Chuckie’s health.  These products are highly recommended.  I don’t know whether they will work for your pet, but they work for Chuckie.


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