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World’s First ChatGPT Powered App With Context Priming! Take Your Biz or Agency to the Next Level with ChatGPT!

Plus Backup All Your ChatGPT Prompts/Responses In A Way To Find Them Quickly



No Monthly Fees

$97 per month

Get PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT for just $17 one-time payment

Say goodbye to the frustration of endlessly scrolling through your ChatGPT

Save time and avoid content chaos with the search engine and tagging system that makes finding exactly what you need a breeze.

If you’re an agency owner, you can tag client conversations with their names, making it easy to keyword search the specific client’s content.

Unlimited use of ChatGPT directly from the PromptStrongbox page.Create custom conversation threads, which makes it easy to produce longer pieces like ebooks, courses, and lead magnets.

Backup all your conversations with just a click and never worry about losing your valuable content.

No need to worry about outdated software – we’ve got you covered with free updates.

World’s First ChatGPT Powered App With Context Priming!

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PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT



World’s First ChatGPT Powered App With
Context Priming!

Have you tried any of these cheap ChatGPT wannabe apps? If you enter a prompt or keyword, you will receive gibberish or something completely bland without any spice in response.

This is because these apps simply send your text to ChatGPT without any context, so it does not have enough information to generate high-quality content.

Literally, the only way to get great content from ChatGPT is to prime it with context. PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT is the world’s first content priming tool for ChatGPT.

The quality of the ChatGPT responses generated by PromptStrongbox is mind-blowing. Check out the demo below on this page.

ChatGPT is the Holy Grail of Writing Tools,
But With One Major Flaw. (We Fixed It)

Are you looking to take your business or agency to the next level with ChatGPT but feel like you’re missing an essential piece, regardless of whether you are a free or paid ChatGPT user?

Do you want Faster & Easier ChatGPT Money?

ChatGPT is the Holy Grail of writing tools, but with one major flaw.

Its rapid growth has taken the creators by surprise, as the user interface was designed primarily for research instead of business use.

Tired of ChatGPT’s User Interface?

Picture this: you log into ChatGPT and all your months of work and hundreds of conversations are right there, waiting for you. But when you’re searching for something specific, it’s seriously like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

With no search or tagging, all you can do is scroll and hope you remember the name of the conversation.

And what if you don’t remember the name of the conversation or didn’t set one? Well, you’re out of luck and have to click through every single one. Talk about frustration, especially when you’re in a rush.

Wasting Time Looking for
Conversations in ChatGPT?

It’s a real time-suck, and the more you use ChatGPT, the more critical it becomes to have easy access to your conversation’s content.

And for those who provide services for clients, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on.

It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out trying to find the client’s content.

I mean, I get it, you’re out here making a real effort to create and organize your ChatGPT content in a thousand Google Docs.

But for me things got pretty crazy once I hit that one hundred docs mark.

Struggling with Creating Long-Form
Content using ChatGPT?

Imagine that you’re not just creating a few content pieces here and there, but you’re actually using ChatGPT to create entire courses, ebooks, blog posts, scripts, and all sorts of other written content.

For example, let’s say you’re making a course for someone who wants to start a digital marketing agency with ChatGPT. You ask ChatGPT for some headline ideas, and choose the ones you like. Then you select subheadings and feature/benefit bullet points, create modules and lesson lists, which can easily add up to dozens of screens to scroll through.

Once you’ve added the syllabus and content for each and every lesson, you could end up with a content thread that’s a whopping 200 screens long!

And that’s just for a course with 10 modules. But that’s just one course, my friend. Imagine doing this for all sorts of other things, like ebooks, blog posts, articles, and social media posts.

Is Your Content Creation
Drowning You in Chaos?

All this can get real messy real fast, and before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of content chaos. And the worst part?

You can’t even just scroll through all your conversations, because you have to keep clicking that darn “Show more” button.

That’s why it really doesn’t matter what kind of limit ChatGPT puts on the max number of conversions you can have in your history. I mean, who’s got time to spend half the day just scrolling through all that stuff.

The Nightmare of Losing All Your
ChatGPT Conversation Histories

And get this: nobody knows for sure how long ChatGPT keeps all those conversation histories, especially for folks who are using it for free.

So one day, you might log in and… bam! Your whole history isn’t even loading up. This has actually happened already, when ChatGPT history access went down for multiple days.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, even if you wanted to try and get those same results again, you’d have to start from scratch and come up with the same exact prompt chain.

And to make matters even worse, the ChatGPT AI model is always being updated, so even if you do everything the same, you might not be able to recreate what you lost.

Don’t Let ChatGPT Hold You Back From
Earning More: Here’s What You Need

Basically, if you’re using ChatGPT to create content for your business or for your clients, you’re going to need to up your game, or keep losing money that you could have otherwise earned.

While ChatGPT can do all the writing for you, its user interface is not really designed for heavy-duty content or digital products creation.

So, if you want to use ChatGPT to make money, you’ll need to use a tool that not only backups your conversations, helps you stay organized and on top of things,

but also helps you produce profitable content from prompt chain conversations.

Are You Drowning in a Sea of
ChatGPT Content Chaos? We Can Help

Our team and I have been using ChatGPT since the very beginning.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t long before we were totally swamped with content that we just couldn’t keep under control.

We tried to use Google Docs to manage it all, but that turned into a major failure.

I mean, unless you’re some kinda superhuman who can organize every single detail of their life, there’s just no way you’re gonna keep up with pasting everything into Google Docs and then actually finding it again later.

From Haystack to Needle in Seconds

But then, after struggling with this mess for a few weeks, Andrew Darius came up with the ultimate solution: the PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT.

The PromptStrongbox is like a backup for all your conversations, but it’s way more than that.

It’s got a search engine, a tagging system, a custom threads maker, and even a long form content builder for digital products like ebooks, courses, etc.

And get this: you can even use ChatGPT directly on the PromptStrongbox page, and it’ll auto-save every single step of your convo with AI.

Here Is What PromptStrongbox Can Help You With

Lead Magnets



Any Digital Products

Sales Scripts & Sales Letters


YouTube Scripts

Twitter Threads

Articles & Blog Posts



Product Reviews

How To Make ChatGPT Related Cash Flow Even Faster & Easier with PromptStrongbox.

First things first, backup all your existing conversations with a click. If you’re new to this, you can skip this step.

After that, you can either keep using ChatGPT page for your writing needs and backup your new conversations with just one click,

or you can switch over to ChatGPT on the PromptStrongbox page where it autosaves everything for you.

Who PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT is for?




Virtual Assistant

Affiliate Marketer

Course Creator



Employees Who Wish To Either Work Less or Get A Raise

People Writing Any Kind Of Content with ChatGPT

Trying To Ditch
Their 9 to 5 Job

Businesses Of All Types

What You Can Do with PromptStrongbox

Using PromptStrongbox allows you to do all sorts of amazing things with the content from your conversations.

For example, you can easily search through all your conversations using keywords or tags, which makes finding exactly what you need a breeze.

And if you’re an agency owner, it’s an absolute game-changer because you can tag client conversations with their names,

which allows you to easily keyword search only that specific client’s content.

Get Rid Of Content Deadweight

With PromptStrongbox, you can create custom conversation threads by simply marking prompt/response pairs from your ChatGPT backup threads or from your own custom threads.

And that’s how you take your ChatGPT game to the next level!

If you’ve been using ChatGPT for a while, you know that it’s rare to have a conversation thread with all usable prompts and responses.

You always have to tweak them to get what you want. It’s true for both short and long-form content, but longer content means more deadweight in the thread.

Wait, It Gets Even Better!

The majority of the text in conversation threads is discardable, generated during the process of tweaking. It could waste hours of your time to skim through the entire conversation to find parts you can use.

This is where PromptStrongbox custom threads come in handy. You can quickly mark the useful parts and save them as a new thread.

This makes it easy to locate usable content, especially when producing longer pieces such as lead magnets, e-books, and courses.

You can also make quick edits, such as adding punctuation, which is sometimes missing in ChatGPT responses.

PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT Demo

Import Or Paste Conversation Threads
From Any Other Writing AI

The best part is that you can also import or paste conversation threads from any other writing AI to have all in one place.

Most paid writing AI apps delete your history when you cancel an account, but with PromptStrongbox, you won’t lose anything.

And don’t worry, you can’t mess up your backed ChatGPT conversation.

Those are not editable, so you always have the source content unchanged.

Unlimited Use of ChatGPT Directly From the PromptStrongbox Page!

As if all the other benefits of PromptStrongbox weren’t enough, there’s one more game-changer: unlimited use of your own ChatGPT account directly from the PromptStrongbox page!

That’s right, we don’t believe in limiting your creative potential, so you can use ChatGPT on the PromptStrongbox page as much as you want without any pesky restrictions holding you back.

PromptStrongbox is so awesome that you might end up being hooked on it, and make it your ultimate ChatGPT companion, to the point that you will not be able to imagine that you could have ever lived without it.

Enjoy Faster & Easier ChatGPT Money

We know that you’re busy, and the last thing you want is to spend hours scrolling through endless ChatGPT conversations trying to find the one you need.

With PromptStrongbox, you can save time and focus on what really matters: creating high-quality content that will grow your business and make you money.

Give PromptStrongbox a try and take your ChatGPT game to the next level!

Think About This For A Moment.

ChatGPT currently has a whopping 100 million monthly active users, and the count is still rising super quickly.

All these people have the same technology you do, which means that simply using ChatGPT won’t put you ahead of any of those 100 million users.

So how are you going to get the edge over your ChatGPT-using competitors? It’s simple, just use your new secret weapon – PromptStrongbox.

What People Are Saying About
PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT

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Our training session is designed to be practical and easy-to-follow, so even if you’re not an experienced marketer, you’ll be able to create lead magnets that convert.

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It’s like having the ultimate content machine at your fingertips!

By simply providing ChatGPT with a multi-sentence prompt, you can receive content that is sure to blow your mind.

But wait, there’s more! Within our super secret vault, we’ve compiled a wide variety of prompts that you can use with ChatGPT to get the most out of this powerful tool.

These prompts have been tested and refined to ensure that you get the best possible results every time you use ChatGPT.

So why limit yourself to short, one-sentence prompts? Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with our multi-sentence prompts templates, and discover just how powerful this tool can be.

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Youtube Faceless Videos Traffic Machine & Channel Builder

You will learn 6 Fundamental Rules To Write YouTube Scripts with ChatGPT

In this training, we’ll share the 6 fundamental rules for writing YouTube scripts with ChatGPT and PrompStrongbox.

From organizing your thoughts to optimizing for SEO, these tips will help you craft compelling scripts that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting out, these guidelines are essential for creating high-quality videos that will stand the test of time.

ChatGPT revolutionized the script writing process but only if you know those 6 fundamental rules!

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How to Use ChatGPT & Prompt Strongbox to Make YouTube SHORTS

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create YouTube Shorts?

Look no further than ChatGPT and Prompt Strongbox! With these powerful tools at your fingertips, you can make YouTube Shorts in just minutes.

With this winning combination, you’ll be able to create high-quality YouTube Shorts that are engaging, entertaining, and optimized for success.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting out, using ChatGPT and Prompt Strongbox to make YouTube Shorts is sure to be a game changer for your content.

So you have made a bunch of youtube shorts, now what?

We got you covered with 1,000 top-Ranking, traffic-sucking YouTube title ChatGPT prompt seeds from actual top-ranking videos!

SGet ready to wow the world with some seriously amazing content, all thanks to ChatGPT with PromptStrongbox storing your own variations!

Value: $497

Total Value Of Bonuses


Founders Special Deal

PromptStrongbox for
ChatGPT Personal

  • World’s #1 ChatGPT Companion of its kind
  • ChatGPT Connect Chrome/Edge/Brave Plugin
  • Conversations Backup
  • Live Keyword Conversations Search
  • Multi-Tag System
  • Content Builder with Custom Threads
  • 1,000 Storage Points
  • Unlimited Use of ChatGPT On PromptStrongbox Page*
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Free Updates
  • Personal License



One Time Payment

PromptStrongbox for
ChatGPT Agency

  • World’s #1 ChatGPT Companion of its kind
  • ChatGPT Connect Chrome/Edge/Brave Plugin
  • Conversations Backup
  • Live Keyword Conversations Search
  • Multi-Tag System
  • Content Builder with Custom Threads
  • Client Conversations Tagging
  • 2,000 Storage Points
  • Unlimited Use of ChatGPT On PromptStrongbox Page*
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Free Updates
  • Agency License



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PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT


Q: Will PromptStrongbox be able to import old chats/conversations already living in ChatGPT?

A: YES! It takes just 1-click to import an entire old chat/conversation already living in ChatGPT into PromptStrongbox storage.

Q: If I use ChatGPT in a language other than English, will PromptStrongbox store conversations in that language?

A: YES! You can store conversations in any language into PromptStrongbox. Prompt Strongbox’s user interface is currently in English only, but we plan to add more languages in the near future.

Q: Do I have to install PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT on my computer?

A: No, PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT is cloud software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Q: How much do updates cost?

A: All PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT 1.x updates are FREE for the duration of the license. 🙂

Q: Is ordering completely risk free?

A: Of course. At any point in the next 30 days, you decide PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT is not right for you, simply send us your receipt and we’ll promptly send you a refund. You will, however, lose access to your PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT account.

Q: What is a Storage Point?

A: Storage Point is the storage unit equal to 1 prompt or 1 response. So 1,000 is 1,000 prompts or responses. If you ever need more Storage Points you can just get an upgrade. For example: if ChatGPT response is several screens long it is still just 1 storage point ????

Q: *What Unlimited Use of ChatGPT On PromptStrongbox Page Means?

A: This means that for ease of use and to enable auto-saving, you can use your own ChatGPT account through the on-page interface using your own ChatGPT account through API. In other words, it’s an optional tool that allows you to work with ChatGPT more efficiently than using the original user interface.

Q: Do you include step by step instructions?

A: Yes, we provide a detailed step by step tutorial.

Q: How do I get support?

A: Easy! Just visit us at

Q: Is there a monthly fee to use PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT?

A: Currently, PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT membership is being offered with a one off payment on this page. We plan to switch to a recurring membership model in future, when new customers will pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT anyone that orders now is grandfathered so you will never be billed again.

What People Are Saying About
PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT



$97 per month

Get PromptStrongbox for ChatGPT for just $17 one-time payment

Our Official 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you give our software and system a try and you decide it’s not for you, we’ll happily give you ALL your money back

There is 100% no­-risk

We’re here to support you, and unless we AMAZE you with our product, we won’t keep a penny of your money. If at any point you are unhappy in those 30 days, please contact us. We will quickly send you every penny back. No questions asked.

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