Taking your dog to the Dentist

A well cared for dog.

Our dog, Chuckie is generally well cared for and maintained.  His teeth are not so well maintained.  We have mostly ignored his dental needs until now.

Walking the dog.

My wife, Dale, usually walks the dog.  Dale doesn’t just take care of Chuckie, she is my aide, my legs and the love of my life.  I am disabled from Multiple Sclerosis, and Dale gets me around.

Taking care of a Sheltie

Sometimes our son walks the dog.  Dale takes good care of Chuckie.  She brushes his coat.   Chuckle is a Shetland sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie,  She feeds him and files his paws as needed.

Brushing his teeth?

However, brushIng his teeth has not been on our to do list.  At least it hasn’t been until now.

The dental consultation

My wife took Chuckie for a dental appointment recently.  The doctor/dentist told Dale that Chuckie would need possibly as many as three extractions.

Appointment for extractions.

She made an appointment for the extractions.  Chuckie had to be taken to the hospital early that morning.  He was one of the first to undergo surgery.

It’s the weather

The weather looked like we would have to leave Chuckie at the Animal Hospital, but the rain relented, and Dale was able to pick up Chuckie later that day.

How many extractions?

When Dale arrived at the Animal Hospital, the doctor/dentist told her that only two teeth had to be extracted.  The two canine teeth were extracted.

One routine and one that wasn’t

According to the bill from the animal hospital, one canine tooth extraction was routine, but the other one was “Severe Complicated”.

“Soft food”

Chuckie was put on “soft” food for 10 days by the doctor/dentist.  He was given chicken (without the bones), and a mixture of been peas and beans (mixed in the blender).  He could also have tuna fish.

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Time for more fiber.

However, Chuckie was not getting his usual amount of fiber, and had some constipation.  Dale would detect this by noting that Chuckie would walk on his butt when going for his usual walks.  Dale ordered some canned dog food to try to solve this problem.


When Chuckie came home from the animal hospital after the extractions, he was a bit woozy.  It took 4 days for Chuckie to get back to normal.  I suppose, that eventually, the anesthesia does wear off.

Appetite to infinity and beyond

Four days after the surgery, Chuckie still cannot chew food.  This does not mean that Chuckie’s appetite has waned.  He still chases every crumb of food he sees, even if he cannot chew it.  He just gulps down anything that looks edible.

The patient dog

Chuckie still patiently waits for food to fall, as Dale eats food.  Chuckie does the same when our son eats food.  Usually, I am in a hospital bed, and Chuckie has figured out that it is an extremely rare occurrence for food to drop from the hospital bed, so he has stopped waiting for food to drop from my hospital bed.

The search for food

When Dale walks Chuckie, he is constantly looking for food.  Recently, during his walk, Chuckie found a bone.  This was a rare prize for Chuckie.

The struggle to chew

Chuckie still struggles to chew food.  However, as Chuckie’s extractions heal, I expect that he will be able to chew his food better.

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Toothbrush Stick Chew Toy

We have been looking at something like the Dog Toothbrush Stick Chew Toy – Jaolex Nontoxic Natural Rubber Dog Kit Bristly BrushIng Stick Dental Care BrushIng for Medium Dog (25 to 40 lb).  It is fun tooth cleaning.

How weighty?

This dog toothbrush toy is suitable for pets 20 to 45 pounds. Please check your dog’s weight before buying.  Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to infection, and that could mean bacteria leeching into your dog’s body and affect its health.

Maintain dental heath

Puppy Dental Care Brushing Stick helps you maintain your dog’s dental health.  All Jaolex Dog Chew Toothbrushes are made of FDA grade rubber which is non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly, so it is totally safe and comfortable for your dog’s gums.

Where does the toothpaste go?

The bristles inside help clean dental plaque, and there is a convenient toothpaste reservoir inside that can be loaded before.

Natural motions

The dog’s natural motions work with the bristle to clean down to the gums.  The mint scent can effectively remove the dog’s halitosis, which both dogs and people love.

I am an Amazon affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

Canned dog food

The canned dog food that Dale ordered is Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Pack of 12.  It is delicious wet dog food formulated for optimal digestive & skin health.

Natural fibers

It is easily digestible, grain-free dog food with natural fibers for improved stool pickup.  Also, it supports healthy skin and coat with omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Made in the USA

It is made with natural ingredients.  It is made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust.  It is #1 Veterinarian Recommended.


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