ViralTek gives you free, viral traffic in a few clicks!

ViralTek unleashes free, viral buyer traffic to your offers in just a few clicks.  You don’t need any tech skills, experience or waiting for results.

  • Get 100% FREE, TOP-CONVERTING traffic from 15 viral social networks
  • AUTOMATED and LONG-TERM top search engine ranking for even MORE buyer traffic … WITHOUT doing any technical SEO
  • Traffic-on-demand in MINUTES with 1-click syndiction for viral results
  • STACKS of proof from marketers of all levels, even complete beginners
  • SIMPLE setup – nothing to download, install or configure

Now with ViralTek you can build your OWN Online Assets all through the power of content Syndication, Backlinking, and Social media Growth.

With 100% free traffic from Google and 15 premium social sites in just a few clicks.

Therefore, it is a simple traffic solution

  • Something that will GUARANTEE you free traffic, without the hard work & frustration.
  • To make it even EASIER … we made this solution completely web-based so there’s no installation or setup needed.
  • Just login, and literally within a FEW CLICKS you’ll be driving free traffic to ANY of your sites & offers.
  • This solution works SO well because it leverages VIRAL IMAGES to generate free traffic.
  • EFFECTIVE images get more shares, more search traffic, and more backlinks pointing directly to your offers … they’re the ULTIMATE form of free online traffic.

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Step 1

Add text, Link or Create an attractive image using our Software (select from 100s of templates available)

Step 2

In just 1-Click you can share this accross 15 top Social Media Sites

Step 3

BOOM it’s done – Watch as Viral Traffic starts to hit your site like a tsunami

Accordingly, ViralTek is MORE than just a quick & free traffic fix. It’s a LONG TERM solution for getting ongoing, targeted visitors to your sites & offers.

It combines search, social media and automated authority backlinks to send a constant flow of visitors DIRECTLY to your money pages.

Forget ever waiting for traffic again.

  • No more TEDIOUS hours manually building backlinks
  • Never WASTE money on expensive Google or FB ads
  • No more PAYING SEO specialists or social media marketers
  • You don’t need to manually post your content across multiple sites & just hope for a trickle of traffic
  • NO tech skills or previous experience needed – this is so simple that a 12 year old can do it

Finally generate automated traffic wherever and whenever you need it.

  • INSTANTLY syndicate your marketing message across 15 premium social sites in ONE click
  • Save HOURS each day of manually posting across social networks
  • EXPLODE your traffic with unique, viral images that get shared, re-posted, re-tweeted and commented on by 1000s of viewers
  • EFFORTLESSLY get 1000s of targeted visitors to your offers WITHOUT paying a dime for ads

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I am a Warrior Plus affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

Easy to post section.

Post any links, images, text or Youtube videos from the easy to post section. Once you create your post you can easily select any of the profiles you want from the 15 networks and one click post them.

Create unlimited viral images.

Therefore, Viral images are the best and the easiest way to get unlimited free traffic and we’ve made it really simple for you to create unlimited images using ViralTek in just a few clicks. Nothing else is easy as this software when it comes to creating viral content.

With just one click, share your viral images to 15 social media sites.

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I am a Warrior Plus affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

Remember, the worst part about sharing content is that you have to login to each account separately and that is a huge pain.  ViralTek has made it SO SIMPLE that all you have to do is 1-CLICK and your viral images gets shared accross 15 social sites automatically. You don’t have to remember passwords or usernames and do not have to login to the sites one by one ever again.

100s of proven viral site templates you can use.

ViralTek has collected 100s of Proven templates used by top viral sites you can directly use when creating your viral content… these are perfect to get started so you never have to start from blank slate. These templates get the most shares and likes acrros social networks and will bring great results for you.

10+ instagram like filters to make your content stand out.

Making your images look different is very important when it comes to viral marketing. Instagram has taken social media by storm with thier strongest feature – Image Filters which is now in your hands thanks to ViralTek. Now you can pick from any of the 10+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest in 1-click.

Set all your social media accounts on autopilot.

The biggest problem with social media marketing is that you have to constantly keep all your social media accounts active for your audience to be engaged and keep interacting and liking your content. With ViralTek’s schedule content feature you can make it work for you on complete autopilot accross all your social media accounts without having to actually add or update content daily. Just set it up once and let it work on autopilot.

SEO optimize every image you create and share.

99% of Marketers/Site owners never SEO-optimize thier images and miss out on a huge amount of easy to get traffic that comes from Google image search. Don’t make that mistake because we’ve made it extremely SIMPLE to SEO your images and get free traffic. This is the easiest to rank in and your site will get a massive amount of FREE traffic from this source.

Create and upload 1,000s of images at once.

Viral Tek has made it so easy for you to mass create and ulpload content by adding a CSV import and will create feature. This lest you add all the data/content into a CSV file and upload it into ViralTek which will immediately create all the images as per CSV and add to all the accounts you selected. You never have to manually create and share images again.

Set and forget Marketing: Schedule Content for the future.

To help you completely relax and put your viral marketing & traffic generation on autopilot, ViralTek lets you schedule your viral content posting for future dates. Now you can schedule content for days, weeks, and even months well in advance and drive free traffic to your sites without worrying about creating content… even while you are on a vacation, ViralTek will keep working for you and drive traffic on complete autopilot.

These and many more industry-leading features, along with over the shoulder training and world class support.

Make ViraTeK Your ULTIMATE Traffic Solution

So hurry and get YOUR complete access for a low one-time cost.

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