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Two scrambled eggs

I started my day preparing for my dental appointment.  I awoke, had my usual two scrambled eggs with cheese.  I sometimes have it with ketchup and sometimes I am just so hungry that I eat it without ketchup.

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No sugar added

I been noticing that Heinz has come out with a no sugar added version of ketchup which has 1 gram of sugar, but this is significantly less than the regular version of their ketchup.  This is better for people who are diabetic, or prediabetic like me.

Eggs in the microwave

The eggs are always scrambled.  This is not only because I like scrambled eggs, I do, but because scrambled eggs is the only way you can make eggs in a microwave.  I have tried to make eggs in a microwave that were not scrambled with disastrous results.

Eggs explode

The eggs exploded in the microwave.  It seems that scrambling the eggs is the only safe way to make eggs in a microwave.  Lucky that I like scrambled eggs.

Medicine time

After that I take my medications (I have a Freebie Pill Reminder, which you can find on the Freebies page to my website, but I cannot link to it thanks to the mess that is the current version of WordPress).

Manual patient transfer

After that I have a diaper change.  Then the sling is put under me for the patient transfer.  The one I have is a manual version, which was all Medicare would provide.

Different batteries

Then I was lifted and placed in my wheelchair and headed to the van.  As a note of information, I have two power wheelchairs.  Both run on batteries, and use different batteries.

Same batteries

They have been running on the same batteries for more than four years.  Most manufacturers say that the batteries will last for one year.  So far, I’ve been lucky.

Up the ramp

I attempted to go up the ramp .  This is easier said than done.  For my first attempt, I almost fell off the ramp. I backed up and tried again.  The second time was the charm.

Almost off the ramp

I have a new driver.  I think I scared the living daylights out of him when I almost fell off the ramp.  He tried to lift the four hundred pound wheelchair.  This was total futility, and I had to back up the wheelchair electrically.

New driver

Since he was a new driver, I had to direct him to the dentist’s office.  He let me off at the dentist’s office.  He parked the van in the metered lot, which cost money, there is a free parking lot, but it is limited to two hour parking.

To bridge or pull

After signing insurance forms, I waited a half an hour and was called into the dentist’s office.  The dentist and I decided to put in the temporary bridge, rather than pull the broken tooth on the lower right side of my mouth.  This leaves me with at least one side of my mouth to chew my food.  The extraction and permanent bridge will be done another time.

A room to recline

My dentist’s office has many rooms for dental work but only two rooms are large enough for my power wheelchair.  Also, my dentist would like my wheelchair to recline.  It does not, without a handiman to take out multiple screws.  However, it works well with the van.

I am an Amazon Affiliate.  I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

Put in the bridge

The dentist took a couple of molds.  He drilled some and put in the temporary bridge.  My next appointment is next month.

The way home

I had to direct the new driver home.  I figured that if I directed him within a block or two of my house, he would be able to get me home.  No such luck.  We had to circle back because we passed the road to the house.

It is probably my fault

This is partly my fault, because I was explaining to him the solar charger that I use in my car.  It can be found on my Products page, which I cannot link to, thanks to the latest version of WordPress.

Release the seatbelt

Once home, it was the usual routine of patient lifting me out of the wheelchair and into bed.  My wheelchair has a seatbelt, which I almost always forget to release.

To the bedroom

Getting into my bedroom is a chore since there is barely enough room to get through the door.  I almost always smack into the television stand.  This wheelchair, while good for the van was not designed to get through the doorway to my bedroom.

Previous transfer to a smaller wheelchair

Initially, the idea was that I would transfer to the smaller wheelchair to get into my bedroom.  As my Multiple Sclerosis got worse, it became increasingly difficult to transfer to the smaller wheelchair.  Now, I really cannot do the transfer.

It takes time

Well, I’m home, but I feel it when I eat on the side of my mouth that has the new temporary bridge.  It may take some time to get used to the new temporary bridge.

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