Dental Extraction Part Two

Time to return to the dentist.

It is time for another visit to the dentist.  Once again I am dressed and patient lifted into my wheelchair.  I am a paraplegic because my Multiple Sclerosis has progressed to where my legs are largely useless.  I wait for my driver in the house.


When she arrives I go to my van, but the ramp does not come out. It takes two tries to get the ramp to come out.  Finally the ramp comes out after two tries, and to the dentist office we go. The ramp comes out with no problem once we arrive at the dentist office.  I sign the usual dental insurance forms, and I wait in the waiting room.  The wait is not long.  The dentist is busy today.  He has many other patients.  I wait in my wheelchair in the room where the dentist does his work. Finally, the dentist returns.

Extraction incomplete

I tell the dentist that it seems like he did not complete the extraction the last time.  He says no and that there might be some gauze left in my mouth.  He starts to poke around my mouth with some instruments, and then he gives me two injections and continues poking around my mouth.  Then he starts drilling.  He continues to poke around my mouth.

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Extraction part two

Then he turns to me, and says, well, you were right there was a piece of the tooth left from last time, and he had to complete the extraction.

The mold

Then he took a mold, and it felt like he left some of the mold in my mouth.  He told me no that he had taken the mold and put a temporary bridge in my mouth.  I was finished for the day after he made sure the temporary bridge fit properly in my mouth.

Back to the waiting room.

I went to the waiting room, called my driver from the waiting room and into the van I went.  There was no problem with the van or the ramp.

I am a Target affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Time to wash the car.

We stopped off at a car wash.  We headed home. Once home, I pushed the button to open the van door and let the ramp out.  The door opened, but the ramp did not come out.  My driver pressed the button on the key and the door closed and then opened, and the ramp came out.

Home at last.

Into the house I went. I was home.  Then I navigated the wheelchair into the bedroom, and I was patient lifted into my bed.  I was undressed and went back into my usual hospital gown.


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