The Final Bridge, for now

Dentist time.

It is dentist time again.  Usually, when the dentist puts in a temporary bridge, this is my second bridge, it falls out shortly thereafter.  In fact, a temporary anything tends to fall out shortly thereafter.  This not because my dentist is a bad dentist.  He is definitely not.  I like my dentist, and he is a very good dentist.

It is in the glue.

It is just that this office doesn’t use strong glue for the temporary.  To my surprise, this temporary bridge stayed in for a month, and was taken out by the dentist.

To the dentist.

As usual, I am dressed and patient lifted into my power wheelchair.  I wait for my driver.  When she arrives, of course the van ramp doesn’t work.  This time it takes three tries to get the ramp to work.  Finally, it works and I’m off to the dentist.

I am a Target affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

At the dentist’s office.

When I get to the dentist, the van ramp works and into the dentist’s waiting room I go.  I sign the usual dental insurance forms. I am called into the dentist office thereafter.

The permanent bridge.

My permanent bridge is ready and the dentist puts it into my mouth.  He gets it to fit.  He files it down a little and it fits fine.  Apparently, one of my teeth are loose but the permanent bridge fits.  I ask him about my two other broken teeth.

The billing guy

I ask him if insurance will pay for the teeth.  He does not know and he said I should call someone who does his billing.  He mentions in passing that these teeth are molars, way in the back of my mouth and once the extractions are done, no bridge will be put into my mouth because these teeth are so far back that I don’t chew on them anyway.

Do I really need to call the billing guy?

Well then I said, I don’t really need to call your billing guy.  He said that I’m right and he threw out the phone number for his billing guy that he was writing.

Let’s do a cleaning

After the permanent bridge was in, I asked about a cleaning.  I had to wait until the dental assistant who does the cleaning was ready.

I am a Target affiliate.  I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

X-ray time

I was taken for a complete set of x-rays.  After the x-rays, I saw the dental assistant, and he did the cleaning while I sat in my power wheelchair.

The front desk

Then I went to the front desk to arrange for my next dental visit.  It turns out that this will not be for six months. I set up a December 2019 appointment.  I left the dentist’s office after calling my driver.

Time for a fill-up

We stopped off to get gas.  Home is where I went after that.  The van ramp worked and I went into my house.  I was patient lifted from my power wheelchair into my bed.  I was undressed and a hospital gown was put on me.


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