Remove staples

Who will remove the staples?

I am home with 12 staples in me holding the surgical site in place.  I can have a nurse come to my house to remove the staples or I can go to the surgeon’s office to remove the staples.  I decide to have the staples removed by the surgeon so he can see how the surgery went.  I make an appointment with the surgeon only to confirm the appointment, to find that the surgeon has decided to schedule a surgery at the same time as my follow up visit.

If not the doctor, then maybe his nurse

I suppose the surgeon makes more money from surgeries than he does from follow up visits.  I tried to reschedule the appointment for the next week, but the doctor was off that week.  However, his nurse could see me.

The surgeon’s nurse removes the staples

I had the nurse remove the staples.  It was 12 days after the operation.  Generally, the staples were removed 12 to 14 days after my operations.  She said the staples were about to come out themselves.  That is how ready I was to have the staples removed.  Although there were a dozen staples, it was essentially painless to have the staples removed. There were no further follow up visits with the surgeon.

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