The Operation

I have been recovering from the surgery and so I have not been able to update the blog.  In the interim, I have added a recommended product and services page.  I would very much appreciate it if you took a look at the new page.

The trip to the hospital

The day before the operation I received a call from th hospital and I was told that I would be the first person to be scheduled for surgery with my surgeon.  I would need to get to the hospital by 6 am.  I am generally an early riser, but not that early.  I would need to get up about 4:30 am in order to arrive at the hospital by 6 am.  I did this.  I had my aide dress me, put me in the patient lift, and put me into the wheelchair.  I own the wheelchair.  I do not have a wheelchair rental.  The van has a wheelchair ramp.  The wheelchair ramp comes out electronically when I double press a button on the key.  It is remote controlled.  Into the van I went and we went to the hospital.  I needed ID which I had.  The hospital already had the insurance information.  I waited in the emergency room and since I was the first surgery, I did not have to wait long.


I was transferred from the wheelchair to a hospital bed and dressed for surgery.  I saw my surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the rest of the surgical team.   Shortly thereafter I was brought to the operating room, I was slide over to where the surgery would be performed.  The mask was put on my face and I was out almost immediately.  The next thing I remember was the mask coming off me.  I was told that the operation was over and I felt as though I could go right home.  However, they took me to recovery, and I would have to wait to be picked up.  This took hours – probably longer than the operation.  I had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  I have to admit I had no pain from the operation.  I had 12 stapes in me, which I counted after I went home.

Lack of pain, and the trip home

Although I had no pain, they gave me a prescription for oxy contone.  The prescription was filled, but I never took the medicine.  In fact, I did not even take Tylenol.  I had no pain throughout the recovery.  The medicine was discarded.  The operation was performed as an outpatient.  I was put in my street clothes and transferred to the wheelchair.  The transfer was performed by only one person.  Usually, it takes three people to transfer me.  I left the hospital and went into the van for the ride home.


When I got home it was the usual routine of being transferred to the bed.  I was happy to be home and eating regular food.  The evening before the operation I was not allowed to eat at all.

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